The work below is a part of The Print Out project curated by Sitara Chowfla at Pulp Society, New Delhi. This work is a digital packet that can be bought, downloaded watched/printed out and engaged with. This was one of the pages titled Join the Dots (Recipe) that can be printed at home and drawn over to join the dots and choose one's own sequence of steps for this recipe.

In 2020, I was part of a learning module titled, “What we don’t talk about when we talk about love” taught by Aveek Sen and hosted by Experimenter Gallery in Kolkata. Aveek asked us to respond to an incident that recently occurred in Britain. He said,

“Man meets woman. They are inevitably attracted to each other. They marry. They find out that they are twins separated at birth. They go to court. The judge annuls their marriage…I requested the participants to write brief responses to this article in the form of a letter written either by the man to the woman, vice versa, or by the judge to the couple whose marriage had been annulled by him.”

The responses were published in the Experimenter Labs Reader, issue: What we don’t talk about when we talk about love edited by Aveek Sen and published by Gallery Experimenter, Kolkata.

This was my response -


Below is a fragment of my ongoing conversation with a chemical engineer who wishes to remain anonymous. In this conversation we imagine an alternative way to making high proof spirits which doesn't involve the traditional method of distillation that has been used so far.

High Proof Spirits_ Fragment VII_for website.pdf