Reading Through II 2020Mixed MediaDimensions Variable
In 2019, I wrote a story of a woman who develops a condition of involuntary teleportation. Photographs in this story function as portals that trigger and facilitate her teleportation. Each time she teleports a part of her body gets left behind in the place of departure. This leaves her heavily fragmented as she travels across the globe leaving a trail of body parts behind her. The garments I make are harnesses she unsuccessfully uses to hold her body together. The photographs in these garments are the places she wishes to travel or return to.
This work was exhibited at the Goa Open Arts Festival in 2020 curated by Sitara Chowfla.
Viewers walked into the space and tried on the garments.
Vest is made of unbleached handwoven organic cotton fabric, repurposed surplus Bt cotton fabric, clear plastic folder, C-prints on paper, corozo button and stainless steel rings.
Apron is made of surplus polyester fabric from Vasco Market, Goa and a photograph. The photograph inserted in this harness-like apron is of the mangroves at Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao, Goa. Goa's mangroves presently face extinction.
Bleached cotton fabric and a laminated photograph.