The Simultaneous Process of Finding and Creating an Apparatus 2017Goan teak and an archival photograph12" x 3" x 2"
This object was informed by kitchen objects, filmmaking apparatuses and a need for a new way to approach my family archive.
This work was a part of an exhibition titled "Hastakshar" at Goa International Airport in Goa curated by Leena Vincent.
Untitled (Viewfinder)2017Inkjet prints on paper and plywood12"x8"
This work was a response to the aftermath of the ban on illegal mining in Goa.
The object on the top:Shapes of Projection 2014Medium: Inkjet prints on paper and wood12"x8"
The object below:Crop RotationDate: 2016Medium: Inkjet prints on paper and wood6"x4"
These objects were informed by my work with analog filmmaking and projecting. They are both made with stills from my videos.