The Consequences of Repetition I 2018Mixed mediaDimensions variable
This work was exhibited at The Rejoinders exhibition curated by Jess Matthews and Melissa Hinkin at gallery g39, Cardiff in 2018. The exhibition was a culmination of the Rejoinders Residency and a grant from the British Council and the Wales Arts International.
These photo-trays were a part of larger work which consists of several objects arranged on a table. Here, you see frames from a video of my grandmother's gesticulating hands. The frames have been released from the prescribed time and sequence of a video and that time has been replaced by physical space. These trays are stackable and form a compact box.

The Rejoinders - art exhibition at G39 in Cardiff
All the objects in this work fit into a small box and could be carried around. The easy of flat packing and carrying this work around was a part of the work. Objects from one work appear years later in a different work. The circle symbol of containment and repeated "circular" practices appears throughout my work.

Gouache on paper and glass on painted plywood. This painting reflects my larger interest in the visual and analog representation of binary code and in drawing parallels between binary code and the process of weaving. Here, the traditional pattern of the Temple Border from Kanjivaram Silk Sarees is "glitched" until it is barely recognizable.

A crochet panel amongst other objects.