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Fourth Conversation Piece, 2023
A group exhibition with works by Rujuta Rao, Aveek Sen and Mahesh Baliga at Experimenter Gallery, Kolkata curated by Kallol Datta as part of Kolkata Queer Arts Month.

Soak, 2023
A performative installation of letterpress coasters 
commissioned by the Asian American Arts Alliance for their 40th Anniversary Gala at the Manny Cantor Center in NYC.

Aperitif, 2023
A performance with objects at Bolderāja in Riga, Latvia. The paper objects were made during Rao's ISSP Riga Residency in Latvia.

Trays, 2023
Work, which consists of a set of nesting trays, is mailed to viewers and is sent back after viewing.

A solo exhibition and residency at Rubus Discolor Project, Portland, OR in July, 2022.

Dispersal, 2022
Rao carried certain objects to share with people individually or in small groups at mutually chosen locations in New York City and Portland, OR.

A Show for Neighbours, 2022
While living in a neighbourhood in which residents stuck to their respective spaces, Rao conceived A Show for Neighbours as a way to invite her neighbours to cross over and come closer.

The Print Out, 2021
A project composed of a series of commissioned artworks by gallery Pulp Society, New Delhi to download, print out, and experience at home.

Reading Through II, 2020
Rao presented this installation at the Goa Open Arts Festival in 2020.

Reading Through I, 2019
Rao received the Serendipity Arts Foundation Fine Arts Grant in 2019 culminating in an independent exhibition of her work at the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa that year.

Consequences of Repetition II, 2019
Presented as part of the show A Week Exhibition, New Delhi, 2019.

Consequences of Repetition I, 2018
This work was exhibited at gallery g39, Cardiff in 2018. The exhibition was a culmination of the Rejoinders Residency and a grant from the British Council and the Wales Arts International.

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