RAO is a platform for the limited edition, non-binary garments I make as a part of my art practice. You may take a look at more garments on Instagram @rujutaraostudio

Half, Open Back Tunic with Bands as Ties2020Repurposed surplus Bt cotton fabric and repurposed cotton silk.

Close-up of Red Jacket with Book2021Repurposed hand woven and hand spun cotton fabric, natural dyed cotton fabric, repurposed metal button and inkjet prints on paper.
In 2019, I wrote a story of a woman who develops a condition of involuntary teleportation. Photographs in this story function as portals that trigger and facilitate her teleportation. Each time she teleports a part of her body gets left behind in the place of departure. This leaves her heavily fragmented as she travels across the globe leaving a trail of body parts behind her. The garments I make are harnesses she unsuccessfully uses to hold her body together. The photographs in these garments are the places she wishes to travel or return to.
In this piece, I have inserted an unbound, rhizomatic book in a pocket stitched on the inner back panel of the jacket. The loose pages from this book which are labelled with the names of body parts are like the parts of the protagonist's body - devoid of cohesion. New pages can be inserted and individual pages of the book can be mailed to those who would like to read them.
Half-back Tunic and a Gridded Sleeve2020Surplus hand-spun and handwoven Bt cotton fabric with plastic buttons, natural dyed indigenous cotton with a plastic buckle.

Patchwork Panel with Loops2020Surplus rayon from Vasco Market (Goa) and tie dyed silk

Embroidered Top with Shell Button and Side Ties2020Embroidered natural-dyed cotton with shell button

Tie back Top with an Open Back2020Hand-spun, handwoven cotton and surplus cotton silk.

Open Back top with Side Bands2020Hand-spun and handwoven Bt cotton fabric and surplus polyester fabric from Vasco Market, Goa

Lace Top with Ties and Shell Button and Side Ties2020Surplus curtain lace (synthetic) and surplus hand-spun, handwoven indigenous cotton fabric and a shell button