A solo exhibition and residency at Rubus Discolor Project, Portland, OR in July, 2022.
The work Dispersal (Portland, OR) was shared simultaneously.
Texts in response to this exhibition were written by Yamini Nayar and Lilly Handley.

About the ExhibitionIn Rhizophora, Rujuta Rao extends qualities of fragmentation to the mangrove plant body and to bodies of women, creating moments for these fragments to intersect with each other. By doing so she addresses the threatened existence of mangroves and the fracturing effects of trauma on the bodies and minds of women while being curious about the adaptive strategies of both to survive inundation. The work includes objects, performance, garments, sound pieces, and fictional narratives which will be altered and rearranged over the course of the exhibition. Rao will be in residence at the gallery for the duration of the show.
Simultaneously, Rao will show her traveling work Dispersal, which began in New York City as a way to share a tactile engagement with objects in an intimate setting. The traveling is meant to echo the migration of mangrove propagules which float across vast distances before eventually taking root. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up. Locations will be chosen in collaboration between the viewer and the artist.
About Rubus Discolor ProjectRubus Discolor Project is a temporary exhibition space in Portland, Oregon founded in 2019. This 498 square foot house constructed in 1913 will soon be remodeled, but in the interim, it has been made into a gallery by Leslie Hickey and Eva Frazier.
All photos by Nina Johnson unless noted otherwise. More photos to come.
Photo by Rujuta Rao